• Bringing life-saving 
    technologies to the world.

  • Our work is important because 
    of  those we serve.

About Us


To build a team and company united by a noble mission and guided by common values that helps saves lives.


To develop and bring to the world innovative, life-saving, cost-effective medical devices. 


Leadership. Character. Results.

We strive to be heart led, data driven and outcomes focused.


Leverage innovation ecosystems and partnerships to design, develop, and commercialize innovative medical devices.

Heart Led

We seek to follow the principles of servant leadership and are grounded in and led by our values and principles. We strongly support our military, first responders and others who serve.

Values matter.

Data Driven

In our efforts to provide innovative life-saving technologies to the world, we seek to deliver products and services that are well supported by substantive research, evidence and data. 

Facts matter.

Outcome Focused

We exist to help solve complex unmet healthcare needs. Our products have to work the way they are designed to work, when they are needed to work - every single time. 

Results matter.

What we are working on.

Our first life-saving medical device coming to the world is an innovative junctional tourniquet technology being developed and commercialized in partnership with the Ohio State University Innovation Foundation (OSIF).                                                                                       

Our Team

Leadership. Character. Results.

The HDO Health founding team is comprised of a diverse set of professionals united with a common vision and purpose to bring life-saving technologies to the world.

We believe we have a unique mix of experiences, knowledge, skills, talents, and network cemented together by our founding values (HDO) that position us well to build and grow HDO Health well into the future.


Bryan J. Stewart - Chief Executive Officer

Bryan J. Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

Tanya Nocera, Ph.D.

Tanya Nocera, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research and Development

J. Allen McElroy, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer

J. Allen McElroy, M.D.

Vice President of Medical Affairs

Nadi Graham

Nadi Graham

Vice President of Education and Training

HDO Health is proud to be part of the Rev 1 Ventures startup studio. Rev1 is a unique investor startup studio that helps startups scale and corporates innovate. .